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BlueWare, Inc. was an international Strategic Healthware Solutions corporation located in Cadillac, Michigan, which focused on developing and marketing software products to the healthcare industry. The company was created by former IBM Healthcare and Advanced Technology Specialists and was an IBM Premier Business Partner.


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Contractor says

"Albeit being a contractor, you do not earn more than a full time from the client company, typically. In addition, you have no stability. Also, in the client company, you are a so-called secondary citizen. Career path is minimal if not zero."

Former Contractor - Contractor says

"I would say, if you read those artificial, hypocritical 5-star comments , you can guess the real atmosphere of the company. Those comments are fake and nauseating."

Former Employee - Senior Scrum Master says

"lack of opportunities for growth"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor benefits. High cost health insurance and no matching 401K. Salary increases are small to none. Difficult to move from project to project. Management and management style has greatly changed over the past few years making it more like just another average software consulting company."


"tough job to work for entry level"

Sr. Corporate Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"Generous work life balance - flexible work schedule Very nice office with free work out facility..... Developers were eager to teach me all about SDLCWork Life balance, flexible work scheduleBenefits were decent; cost was prohibitive; no 401K match"